Netent vs Evolution Gaming

Gambling is an old activity humans are still doing till date. The concept of gambling can be traced back to a long time in the history of mankind from the rolling of dice in the streets to casting lots at carnivals. After a few centuries, grand casinos were introduced and the way people gamble changed. For many years, casino gaming was at the top of all gambling activities, however, with time, things started to change with the introduction of online gambling and online casinos. As a result, there was a shift in how people gambling. Check out for more.


Online Gambling: The Story

When online gambling was introduced, the concept was not fully accepted so only a few players were coming to play online. With that, only a few companies were developing casino games and online casinos were not much. However, after a few years, when the concept of online gambling was trusted fully, players began to rush to play online. Thanks to the numerous benefits that come with playing online. As it stands, many players enjoy playing their games online. With the popularity of the industry growing, many game development company started coming on-board. You can get to learn more at .

Overview of Netent

When it all started, the few online casino game development companies that were around include, Microgaming, IGT, Netent and the like. At this point, IGT was the best since they were the first company to start developing online casino games. As time went by, the company was overtaken by Microgaming since IGT became less active online. But as it stands, Netent has become the biggest casino game development company in the online gambling industry. This is because the company has developed for itself a huge collection of casino games and built a massive and impressive reputation among online casino lovers.

Overview of Evolution Gaming

It is without a doubt that since the online gambling industry started to gain massive attention from gamblers, many casino game developers have joined the scene. Most of the developers came post-2000s after the big boom of the industry. One of the different online casino game providers that came online is Evolution Gaming. Established in 2006, the company has been creating a huge collection of casino games, especially the live dealer games. As a result, you can enjoy realtime gaming when you choose the Evolution Gaming brand. All in all, if you are a fan of live casinos, this brand is a good choice.

What we think

We can see that both brands are working towards creating a good playing experience for players and their goal is to ensure that players can easily enjoy casino games. As it stands, the two brands are among the best in the business and combined, online casinos can offer top-notch playing experience. However, we believe that Netent still edges Evolution Gaming in the online gambling industry. This is because Netent has a wider range of online casino games that players can enjoy. Also, since Netent has been around much longer, the company has built a bigger reputation in the industry among online casinos and players alike.